Blog Contests

I noticed that MySpace is a popular site not only for social contacts but also for blogging. Bloggers use this site to promote their own blogs all the time. Now there is a new feature that allows users to browse the most popular blogs, categorized by topics or via search engine if desired. In fact, one of the categories is “Blogging”! Once in a while the most widely read bloggers offer their readers a chance in the spotlight via the comment slots of their own blogs. They hold special blog promotions and contests to increase interaction and readership among the readers of that popular blog. This method specifically targets readers to network and interact with the help of blogs that have a lot of traffic.

Similar methods are used throughout the web, in various other blogging networks. Famous bloggers usually provide chances for others to enjoy their 15 seconds in the spotlight via special contests or themed blog topics. Contests generate a lot of responses and therefore a lot of new readers, as well as “reader stickiness,” according to an article giving tips for Blog Competitions. It is an especially rewarding technique for someone who already has a baseline of readers. The key is to have a motive for people to enter the contest by offering a prize, instituting a limited time constraint, and also by not making the assignment too difficult or boring.

Another tip I stumbled upon while searching for such blog promotion opportunities as these contests is a search engine called Qassia, which builds up members’ popularities by linking their pages and ranks in proportion to the amount of information they produce.

So check them out and promote those blogs!


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