People With Cars

Everyone who has a car is missing out on tons of physical exercise. I mean, come on, who wouldn’t choose a healthy sprint or even a walk rather than plopping down for a quick ride? Most people who own cars tend to drive even the short distances that could easily be overcome just by foot.

In the last few years, I think that my friends and I managed to walk across all of Brooklyn and parts of the city. Walking was natural and second hand to breathing, since it was the healthy and cheap alternative to public transportation.

According to a website called Transportation Almanac, which is dedicated to providing information and statistics about transport, car emissions killed 30,000 people in 1998. The website provides various facts regarding negative effects of excessive car usage in recent times, and advocates bike usage as a healthy, cheap and beneficial alternative.

But now that some of my friends do have cars, they have started to use them for the most mundane tasks that could easily be done by walking. Instead of getting some slight cardio in, they hop in the car for just a few blocks of driving, thereby also adding some pollution to the environment. Guys, please, just ride the bike for those measly five minutes!


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