It’s Getting Crowded Here

When I started this blog, I looked at it as just another thing I have to complete as part of a homework assignment in order to receive a good grade in class. However, I’m actually pleased with a lot of the stuff I have come up with on a whim, and decided to jot down as blog posts here. As I look back on it, I really think it has helped me be more organized and made me a better writer. Even though I still feel a bit restrained by the word count and minimum amount of posts, overall it was a good learning experience.

While I was doing some web surfing for links I could include in my posts, or just browsing research topics for random assignments in my other classes, I have made a few observations. For one: the blogosphere is getting crowded! Anytime I use the Google search engine, my key search words lead me to tagged blog posts from various authors and about all kinds of topics. Most of the time, I don’t know whether or not these sources are reliable so I tend to steer away from them on research topics, but I do take a look if they interest me, and now I’ve even begun to leave a couple of comments.

Another thing that takes effect from all this blogging and internet surfing is that everything seems to be moving towards electronic means. We barely ever write out things by hand anymore, or go to the library, or write personal letters. Now everything is at your fingertips just by logging onto your PC, laptop, palm pilot, or even phone! On the one hand, you can’t fight progress, but on the other hand, aren’t we losing something of personal value in the process? Plus, for those people who do not have a social networking account such as MySpace, Facebook, an AIM account or a blog, it is extremely difficult to keep up. I feel like my friends who aren’t using these programs are totally disconnected from the world!


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