The Word “Blog”

So, I’ve started this blog as a class work assignment for my college English class, along with my classmates who are doing the same thing. We read each other’s blogs, comment on it and otherwise surf within the blogosphere quite often. Especially in recent times, there are always blogs popping up when I try to search for something via search engines. But does anyone know where the actual word “blog” comes from?

My dad actually asked me this question, and I was stumped because I realized that I can’t give him an answer, nor did I ever wonder about this myself. However, I thought it might be a good idea for my next blog entry. Surprisingly, I couldn’t find many sources for a reliable answer. Ironically most of the things I stumbled upon were other blogs or forums where users attempted to answer it. Finally, I found something and here it is: The definition according to my research comes from this website, which reads, “the word ‘Blog’ comes from the word ‘Weblog’ which was coined by Jorn Barger in 1997.”

The trend of creating free blogs began in the early 90’s, when people would keep an online journal of their lives and thoughts. It gained popularity in the mid and as of November 2006 there were an estimated 60 Million free blogs created. According to my online source, most people keep blogs for fun. Because they are so versatile, you can create a free account and write about anything of your interest. Many people write within a niche, an area of their personal interest and expertise. Not only are blogs useful as a personal outlet or something to share with friends, it can also earn its author money. In fact, many people are now earning enough to make it their career.

Right now,, the site I’m using offers free blog spaces and subscriptions. There are currently 2,906,312 active blogs on the site. Authors are writing about every possible topic of interest to themselves and their readers. Comments on each entry could often be even more interesting and may promote for exciting back and forth conversation. Now there are blog entries dedicated to the very task of blog promoting, or advertising your own blog. Authors such as Dosh Dosh dedicate their blogs to teaching other users about blogging.


One thought on “The Word “Blog”

  1. The world “bog” is combination/truncation of the words “web”and “log”, i.e. “weblog” or “blog.”

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