What about last year’s Rent?

The musical Rent has been one of the longest-running shows on Broadway, yet how many New Yorkers really take advantage of the cultural musical? I feel that this particular show really embodies the complexities that we face in the modern day society. Although it has been running for quite a while, this show applies to the way we live today.

Rent employs humor and music to explore issues such as finding your place in the world, especially in the fast-paced life of New York. It dares to touch on economic as well as social issues of homelessness, homosexuality, and HIV/AIDS outbreaks and the way in which we as a culture deal with them.

I think this musical is amazing when watching the live performance, but it has also been made into a terrific film. Each has its advantages, but the important thing is the ideas that they bring out to the audience.


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