Blogging Tips

It is hard work trying to find interesting topics to blog about and appealing to a wide audience. I was trying to search for more ways to promote my blog all morning, and through a series of links I found this site. Mentally I prepared a basic checklist, and noticed that titles, short paragraphs and tags are important tools to make the readers’ search more efficient and organized.

Furthermore, I read that categorizing your blog posts makes it easier for readers to navigate and may increase readership to your site. So for the past 20 minutes I’ve been trying to edit all my posts and filing them into different categories in the hopes of attracting a bigger audience. Frankly, when I started this blog it was for a school assignment, but I found myself actually hoping that my posts would be read by a wider audience than just my classmates. Maybe I can reach out to more people who have similar interests to mine. Unfortunately, what I’ve been a magnet to the most are spam comments and advertisements.

According to that same site, you should post frequently and maybe even invite others to post on your blog for a sort of collaborative community effort. Another thing that you could do is use Chicklets, which are icons that make it easy for readers to keep coming back to your site. (I attempted to make use of these myself, but unfortunately couldn’t figure out how to post the codes onto the WordPress site. If anyone knows how to do this, please comment!!)

You should also have a theme or some character to your blog, because no one wants to read the same old boring reports. Either your writing style or a new spin on some news worthy event should attract a broader audience.


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