Que pequeno es el Mundo!

How small the world is! (literal translation haha)
So, clearly I’m in Spain now, half across the world from NYC. But even so, the 6 degrees of separation, and all those sorts of theories prove true. I have found out (via Facebook) that my classmate from High School is currently studying abroad in Madrid! And so, when our whole group decided to visit Madrid, 2 hrs 45 mins away from Salamanca by train, I called her up. Who would’ve thought that 2 people who didn’t keep in touch much in their hometown, would bond in a foreign country?
That same day in Madrid, one of the other girls was looking at some local artists’ work outside of Museo del Prado. As she starts looking at this one guy’s paintings, he realizes she talks in English, so they chat for a little bit. She compliments him on his English, which is when he reveals that he is from New York – from Brooklyn, no less, like me! Not to mention, the girl herself grew up in Sheepshead Bay, and apparently, the artist is from Brightom Beach, Bay 2!!! Coincidence? You can say that! Later, when the group of us found a place to eat around the museum (mind you, it was probably the grimiest place we could have chosen, but at least it was cozy…) – in comes the artist, to get a coffee to go!! He commented on how out of all the places, we found this spot, I believed he called it “this hole”! Heh, good times…
Now a little about my living situation. The 38 of us from St. John’s University are living in the dorms with the Spanish students attending the University of Salamanca (one of the 4 oldest Universities in all of Europe! I went on the tour, where we saw the ancient classrooms, from the 16th century!). University facade
Anyway, we are dispersed among the locals, and eat with them in the cafeteria. My roommate and I have actually made a few Spanish friends, one of whom is from Portugal, and speaks English really well. So anyway, we are talking with him, and it turns out that his best friend in Portugal is from Moldova, just like another boy in our study abroad group! When he heard that I’m originally from Ukraine, right next door to Moldova, the Portuguese boy was shocked. “So who is American, then?” he asked..I guess American is a broad interpretation…
Entonces, ves que el mundo es muy pequeno, no?


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