25 things…and more

Hey, guys. Thanks for the comments by the way. I’m glad someone finds these things interesting…Anyway I haven’t been writing because I was in Barcelona for the weekend!!!!!!!!!! It was soo amazing! As soon as my internet gets a little speedier, I will write all about it and post pics. Until then, I will be unwinding from the drama of being a student far away from home, traveling all over, and having to deal with other people’s drama (mainly other students’, and yes, for the first time, having a roommate)..
Anyway, there’s this note thing going around of Facebook. Since I finally got around to writing mine, I figure I’ll just post it here..Enjoy, if you’re interested….
1. Well I guess I should write one of these too, since I’ve been tagged in a bunch of these, and have enjoyed reading them =]…I choose to write this now b/c it is better than studying for biochem..
2. Currently I am in my dorm room in Salamanca, Spain, where I am studying abroad for the semester.
3. I am beginning to realize that it is difficult to manage your time and satisfy your desires, no matter where you are in the world. I thought I would have more time to focus on school and art, and myself, but I am constantly being pulled in every direction…and the last thing I want to do is study, on this study abroad in Europe trip..
4. This leads to my indecisiveness. I’ve noticed that my idea of happiness comes from pleasing the people around me; therefore maybe I don’t really know what happiness is for me. I have trouble making decisions such as what my outfit of the day will be, let alone big decisions like going abroad.
5. But here I am, and now that I’m here I’m missing my life back home. 6. I’m glad to hear that my world can go on without me, since technically I’m the one who left it there; but I am secretly jealous that I’m not there to share all that is happening there. People are having birthdays, parties, celebrations, and even the not so pleasant experiences of drama and pain…but I can’t be there as an active participant or a shoulder to lean on.
7. Hence, I wish I can be in two places at once.
8. I also wish that I could go back in time…but I don’t know if I would want to change anything. I think “The Butterfly Effect” is real, and I wouldn’t want to mess with the way things have folded out.
9. Besides, one of my strongest beliefs is that everything happens for a reason. I guess this saying fulfills the role that religion plays. If you believe this, you can get through anything. And you can look at your past not as a series of mistakes, but as a series of lessons.
10. The important thing is to actually learn from these lessons. I would not be the person I am today without making mistakes and being hurt, but also forgiving myself and moving on.
11. I just realized that this list is turning into a long life novel about abstract concepts that I have contemplated about my own life. I guess I’m just not a concise writer, nor am I an open book. Although after this note you will learn quite a lot about me….
12. My parents are my proof that true love exists, and I’m so happy that they have found each other, and am amazed in how compatible they are (knock on wood)..and that they can still stand each other, at times ❤
13. My sister is the one person who will always understand me no matter what, and whom I trust with anything… it’s what big sisters are for, and she taught me so much.
14. What first attracted me to a certain playa-playa  is his total disregard for socially accepted behavior, and his ability to make me laugh, anytime. This is also why he gets away with so much, because I just can’t stay mad.
15. Dance is my release for the emotions I can’t express, and it can always make me feel better.
16. I love my dance group and my dance teacher…and in the end, I secretly enjoy all the crappy concerts I complain about, looking back at them later.
17. Time heals all wounds.
18. Music is the answer to everything; it is a universal language; it is inspired by love and inspires love; and is the absolutely necessary component to dance.
19. I don’t want to ever forget people and events in my life, and try to keep in touch with anyone who wants to do the same. It’s difficult to keep people in your life, but it’s possible if you put in the effort.
20. I’m happy I chose St. John’s.
21. When I get back, I want all the car gossip that I missed out on.
22. Some people don’t seem to get what they deserve; then again, some people try to judge what they can’t.
23. People ALWAYS want what they CAN’T have though, that’s for sure.
24. I don’t really know which culture to associate myself with, but I’m happy that due to my background I can see things from a lot of perspectives.
25. It’s not where you go, it’s who you go with. Yes, I am one to talk, right…but better to learn now than never. I wish everyone can find someone to walk their path with them, yet who would be understanding of your individuality.

Pupsik & I


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