Hello BCN!

Yesterday was hilarious; the Spanish had a carnaval/feast, where everyone goes out n dresses up; kind of like our Halloween. So the university kids gave us a real show. a group of guys dressed up like ALI G, put on matchin yellow pants+ shirt, wrote WESTSIDE and RESPECT on the shirts, and decorated it wit other phrases like that…put on tight hats n sunglasses, and drew beards like him!!!!!!!! And a group of girls also dressed up in matching outfits, wearing black shorts and tights, and butterfly antennas & wings. It was really cute. They all went out together, while my roommate and I watched from the balcony because we had to get up early for our test the next day :(…

Well back to Barcelona, it was really nice! We caught great weather there, went to the Picasso museum, walked along the main street La Rambla, which was amazing, and shopped for souveneirs and had icecream and hot chocolate, and ate paella both days. It finally satisfied my authentic paella craving, having it both days for lunch . It was so filling we didn’t even have dinner. Then we stayed at a hostel, for the first time, called Hello BCN!. The rooms had 2 bunkbeds each, and the bathrooms were clean. The downstairs had a lounge feel, some comp wit internet access in one corner, a bar in another corner, and a whole section wit couches chairs n low tables, to chill and/or eat. They had vending machines and a foldout table tennis also. There was a kitchen in the back where you can store things in the fridge or cook for yourself; tea was free and breakfast was included. La Rambla view by the portThe second day we went to this amazing park – parque de Guelle, and checked out the beach, and walked around. the magic fountain was unfortunately closed (we found out the hard way lol)…but we still made the best of 2 days there, and took overnight trains there and back. That was an adventure, but we had good company n no one complained, even when we were getting lost and hungry..after food our mood always lifted =]]]


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