I found this definition via a Facebook page I follow, called “WordPorn.” It symbolizes what many people go through in life, when they don’t like how things are going. I am going through a similar process myself. Except I think I am more on a journey of self-discovery. I want to change certain aspects of my current way of living so that I can be true to who I am. So I think I am going through more of a major meta-analysis of myself, and tweaking stuff as I go along, to gradually be in harmony with my inner desires.

But going back to the concept of metanoia – can people really change themselves entirely? Maybe, if like me, they realize they are not being true to who they are, they would be motivated to change so they live out their potential. However, I don’t think a person can change into something they are not – at least, not for long. Sure, they can temporarily change to fit in with current trends, or to mend broken relationships, to get on someone’s good side, to get a certain job… but eventually, all pretenses will collapse. A person can’t survive on someone else’s terms or ideas of how to live. Eventually the pressure will build and the dams will break, and the oppressed inner self will demand justice. Real lasting change is only possible if a person is changing in the direction of their true nature, towards inner peace and balance.


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