Fast Forward

Momma Said There'd Be Days Like This

If I could jump ahead,
What would I see.
Did I become,
Who I wanted to be.
Or turn out as,
A worse version of me.

And if I did not like,
What I did find.
What would I do,
When I rewind.
Would I find the strength,
To change who I am.
So I can be,
All that I can.

And how would I know,
What I need to change.
Instead of turning out bad,
Now I might turn out strange.
Would it be worth it,
To change the forward.
And make sure the world,
Doesn’t get a me so horrid.

And what would that mean for me,
And the path I no longer take.
All those decisions,
I no longer make.
And the fate of things,
For the futures sake.
written for: The Daily Post – Fast Forward
photo by: EvilKorny

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