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Tired of using technology…

Sometimes I just want to hibernate. Or at least regress into an age of less technological advancement. I want to spend an entire day free from mass media and social networks; I want to free my fingers from typing away on my iPhone, and free my eyes from being glued to the computer screen.

I want to look at my surroundings and absorb them in without distractions. I want to make eye contact with people I meet along the way on the street, and in public transport, instead of seeing everyone’s nose in their phones and eReaders. I want to hear a ring in my doorbell from a person who came by to visit instead of calling or texting (although a phone call would be the preferable alternative to texting or the latest fad, Facebook messaging!).

I want less technology and more human touch.

Basically…..Ayo….I’m tired of using technologyyy….. (Listen to really good acoustic version here.)


No excuses

I didn’t post last night. I am in the process of moving into a ┬ánew place, and just got internet today! So no more excuses from now on. And in general, no more excuses, period. If a person does something, there must be a reason at that time and those circumstances for that particular action. Whether it is an irrefutable extreme situation, or maybe just a gut feeling, there is a reason for everything. And though it may seem like a mistake at the time, it may actually be a blessing in disguise that we may never realize. For it is always the road not taken that seems more glorious. So instead of questioning and worrying, a little faith in ourselves and intuition goes a long way. Trust that everything is meant to be, and it will work out in the end.

Of course, it is always easier said than done, and always easier to see from someone else’s shoes. It is always easier to give advice than to take your own advice. But we must try to be our own adviser, and learn to follow your own words. If we don’t practice what we preach, how can we expect others to? Actions speak louder than words, and the best way to lead is by example. We can only prove the value of our words by living up to them in our own behavior.

It’s Getting Crowded Here

When I started this blog, I looked at it as just another thing I have to complete as part of a homework assignment in order to receive a good grade in class. However, I’m actually pleased with a lot of the stuff I have come up with on a whim, and decided to jot down as blog posts here. As I look back on it, I really think it has helped me be more organized and made me a better writer. Even though I still feel a bit restrained by the word count and minimum amount of posts, overall it was a good learning experience.

While I was doing some web surfing for links I could include in my posts, or just browsing research topics for random assignments in my other classes, I have made a few observations. For one: the blogosphere is getting crowded! Anytime I use the Google search engine, my key search words lead me to tagged blog posts from various authors and about all kinds of topics. Most of the time, I don’t know whether or not these sources are reliable so I tend to steer away from them on research topics, but I do take a look if they interest me, and now I’ve even begun to leave a couple of comments.

Another thing that takes effect from all this blogging and internet surfing is that everything seems to be moving towards electronic means. We barely ever write out things by hand anymore, or go to the library, or write personal letters. Now everything is at your fingertips just by logging onto your PC, laptop, palm pilot, or even phone! On the one hand, you can’t fight progress, but on the other hand, aren’t we losing something of personal value in the process? Plus, for those people who do not have a social networking account such as MySpace, Facebook, an AIM account or a blog, it is extremely difficult to keep up. I feel like my friends who aren’t using these programs are totally disconnected from the world!

Too much internet?

It seems that no matter what you do nowadays, there is no getting around knowledge of the computer and the internet. The widespread use of these in the last decade has made its presence inevitable even in everyday life. Practically every career choice requires proficiency of PC’s, students in higher education use the internet for research, and it is even popular with kids as young as the elementary school level.

This phenomenon is apparent in the very blogging networks that have sprung up, such as the one I’m writing in now. Everyone is wired and in the loop, whether it is on social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, or blogs.

Not only does the dependence on the internet say a lot about progress, it nevertheless has potential drawbacks. First of all, it has been shown that it could negatively impact health. The most obvious issue is related to the strain it puts on eyes, resulting in long term problems with vision.

According to an article discussing the cause and effect relationship between computers and health, there are two possible sets of health hazards the computer could bring into the workplace. Office workers complain of eyestrain, headaches, and other musculoskeletal problems. In addition, the radiation hazards could include adverse effects such as miscarriage and cancer. Another concern is that coworkers nearby could be affected as well, since radiation is emitted from the backs and sides of some terminals, according to the articles.

Furthermore, in the technologically advanced world we live in, there is no use for paper anymore. There is no need to buy hard copies of books because the internet makes information available at no cost. While some publications require payment or subscriptions, a lot of newspapers, journals and books could be right at your fingertips. All you need is to stumble along the right website through the correct usage of keyterms via search engines.

E-books are also popular and have a lot of advantages to hard copy paper books, according to an article describing advantages of digital e-books. These books just maybe a beneficial alternative to text books, and could possibly replace the need of hard copies.

Well, what does this mean for the vast collections of traditional tomes full of knowledge for the taking? Are books as we know them going to cease to exist, and if so, how soon?

Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like there is nothing like holding an actual book in your hands, breaking the binding, flipping the crisp pages and breathing in the smell of a brand new printed creation, a true work of art. However, in the ever-changing world of today, I guess tradition and health takes a back seat to the progress of technology.

Leaking Information

Continuing on with my last thought, the media has found ways to spy on all aspects of life regarding people of interest to the general public. In this way it brings us onlookers closer to the inside mechanisms of celebrity favorites. This demystifies our natural awe and fascination with the secret lives of stars, and brings their flaws out for us to identify them as mere human beings, much like ourselves.

With that in mind, how exactly does the media infiltrate such intricate details about all kinds of newsworthy people? We’ve all seen the annoying side of the media as shown on TV and in the movies, and thus we have a sense that journalists are highly disliked due to their profession of “digging up dirt.” But as I’ve stated, this process is a necessary tool used to balance out what the politicians DON’T tell us.

Regarding the recent news about Spitzer’s affairs as governor, or rather as not fulfilling the duties of one, the media was right on board to snoop around and document wrongdoing. An interesting source that was used was The press reported information about Spitzer’s expensive interest, Kristen, using her pictures and quotes off her MySpace page. So much for the privacy policy!

Irrelevant of the legality or morality of such a source, take note and be careful what you post out there in the constantly evolving world of Facebook, MySpace, and other Internet networks.

Media Games

In my last post, I wrote a little about my understanding of the world of politics. I mentioned the pesky media who records and publicizes every little misstep of famous people. This is true for politicians, singers, actors and other stars who are often in the spotlight. For example, there are entire chains of magazines dedicated to publishing both facts and gossip about celebrities, such as People, Star Magazine, US Magazine, and OK! Magazine.

However, is this type of obsessive watchfulness necessary? Does the public really need to know which celebrity wore which outfit to which glamorous event? Do we need to have updates on everyone’s personal lives reported to us? Do we need to know details and speculations about every little sex scandal?

People have divergent opinions about this type of media interference. In fact, due to the nature of rampant gossip in such magazines specializing in celebrity news, most people consider these sources unreliable. On the contrary, when it comes to politics, there are many of the opinion that even dirty reporting tactics are indeed necessary in order to reveal the truth behind what really goes on.

A memory comes to mind of a discussion about President Bill Clinton that took place in my eight grade Social Studies class. While I was of the opinion that what happened in someone’s personal life was completely separate from his public authority, my teacher said something that caused me to rethink my interpretation. He said that if Clinton was doing something other than a president’s duties in that Oval Office, than he would want to know about it. After all, it takes time away from what our tax money is supposed to be funding – the President should fulfill his job. Still, perhaps Bill managed to do all the above and managed his time efficiently…

In that case, how can one form an opinion about what went on just recently with New York Governor’s Spitzer’s involvement in a prostitution scandal? Are the criminal dealings only limited to Spitzer’s personal values? Or did his transgressions hurt more than just his family and reputation? Of course people are going to look differently at this man of diminished morality. Not only that, but now Hillary’s “shining example” of Spitzer has been totally invalidated. Her public image has dirt on it once again due to the “human” mistakes of certain males.

Politics v. Morality

I was sitting in yet another boring class, and was not looking forward to listening about the history of Christianity, which has been an ongoing monologue by my theology professor. However, suddenly there was a shift in the classroom and my attention snapped back to the discourse as students began to bring up points related to today’s world. I realized that there is an intersection between the values we learn in our classes and what is currently going on in politics, on international, local as well as personal levels.

Somehow, our class discussion led into issues such as racism. multi-linguistic skills, and running for office. Naturally, the latter led into the current President of U.S. race for 2008. Between Hillary and Obama, there are a lot of racial and sexist issues that could potentially be brought up about the whole election process.

One girl in my class announced that she is not voting for Hillary because she is personally disappointed by her actions during the Clinton affair. According to her, this is due to the fact that the Clintons stayed together after the disgusting acts, lying, and then finally admitting it to the whole world . How could Hillary stay with a man who publicly humiliated their marriage? This is personally demeaning and demoralizing, said the girl.

Another girl volunteered a totally different point of view, saying that one of the lessons of the Bible is forgiveness. This is the other side of ethical and moral behavior, and just as Bill may have made a grave mistake, it might be Hillary’s moral responsibility to make the best of it. If her husband did that to her, the girl supposed she would have to find a way to forgive him in the best hope that it would ultimately save their sacred marriage vows and he would respect her even more for being that strong.

Personally, I think that the bigger role that factored into this ethically challenging decision was politics. Had Hillary not turned the other cheek, would she be where she is now? Whether or not Bill was caught, he still had the high political connections, and Hillary chose to use them rather than ruining everything for herself in addition to public admission of their marriage problems. In this way, it was simply a wise decision on her part to stay by her husband’s side.

According to an article in the Las Vegas Sun, Hillary is the right choice for Presidency of ’08. Out of all the candidates, her stances on issues seem most beneficial to our country, which is the important thing. Furthermore, the discussions section of the article pointed out that many American presidents have had affairs and still did their jobs, and besides everyone, even politicians, make mistakes. The only difference is whether or not you have the media stalking you, waiting for it. One fervent comment even goes so far as to claim: “the Clinton are wonderful human beings and you need to stop degrading them.”