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Por favor, quiero sol y calor!!

Those of you who are Spanish-savvy will entender lo que yo digo. Let there be sun! Let there be warmth!! Yes, when in doubt, talk/write about the weather ladies and gentlemen, because it is a great topic to converse and write about. Mostly, it is a topic to complain about, because it is self-explanatory that the human species is never satisfied, and will always find something more to desire.
But seriously, where is the sun that Spain is so famous for? The one winter that I come to study abroad here, it is the coldest winter they’ve ever had!! All of those people envious of us study-abroaders – be happy, because the weather here is almost as miserable as back home, in NY. It has been rainy, windy, and slushy. It has snowed once, and hailed more times than I’ve seen in a lifetime. Ok, it’s not deathly and not even that big of a deal, but the weather can surely put a damper on one’s mood – no pun intended. Haha. NOT.
Well the point is, it’s February 1st. The 1st of many sunny days to come, I hope. If yesterday, the end of January, was any indicator to how the rest of my time in Spain is going to go, then I would gladly accept!
Yesterday, a group of us – 11 students (10 girls, 1 guy – good odd’s, no?) went to Madrid!! It was soo beautiful there, I fell in love! The park on the way to El Paseo del Prado was muy bonito! The Museo del Prado was also amazing, we didn’t even walk through the whole thing. The weather was gorgeous – sunny, although it was brisk..Well we truly enjoyed it, and with such a big group I’m happy to report that no one got significantly lost or separated from everyone else. So February: you have a lot to compete with. May you be as successful as promised by the way January ended (but not began)..!!!!!!
P.S. El mundo es muy pequeno; voy a explicarlo en mi proximo carta…XOXO
P.P.S. Aqui estan unas fotos mias: Parque
Estatue de caballo y guerrero
Puerta del Sol


What kind of study abroad is this?

Well, the meaning of the word study-abroad, is self explanatory. You are taking classes – studying, away from home – abroad. However, students have yet to understand this concept, as being away from home doesn’t exactly make you want to put studying at the top of your priority list. Well in any case, I’m personally taking pharmacy classes on this trip, starting with biochemistry here in Salamanca. Needless to say, this is more confusing than biology and organic chemistry put together, because essentially this subject juxtaposes these two – which can be considered two of the toughest sciences of medicine (of course, my opinion is arguable)…

Anyway, my point is that the lively night scene in European cities makes it impossible for American students to focus on their studies, and I am just concerned about what will happen during finals week. So I will keep you posted about what happens.

It is especially difficult to adjust to living and “studying” abroad if you are homesick, and even more so if you have a loved one back home. While everyone is out partying and looking to make new friends and flings, you are kinda stuck between being outgoing in this new place, and holding on to everything back home. And you also can’t reassure your boyfriend or girlfriend, that they have nothing to worry about, because they won’t believe you anyway.

Study abroad – is it worth it?