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Blogging in Style

One of the basic methods that I learned about blog promotion is by networking with other people. For example, by navigating to other sites, leaving comments, and exposing your point of view, you may create some aura of interest about your own blog. Therefore the people who read the same popular blogs will read the comment you left and may just be intrigued enough to travel to your personal blog and check out more of your authorship.

A lot of the blog promoting tutorials and tips included something that a lot of people may overlook. Even though this is probably blatantly obvious, the number one thing that should attract readers to your site is an interesting topic! Moreover, the style of writing and grammar does make a difference. How can people enjoy your work and keep coming back if they have to struggle to understand what exactly it is that you are trying to say?In fact, even the layout of the writing blocs is important. Fellow bloggers suggest that you should break up you paragraphs to break up the text and make it easier for the eye to skim it and tune into points of interest.

I’ve noticed it myself when I was browsing through blogs and searching for something to read and write about. A dull, monotonous tone, an immeasurable amount of text, and spelling or grammar errors can really turn the anticipated reader “off” to your work. In terms of grammar, proper use of language will make you seem like an educated person who is capable not only of presenting an argument or point, but also having the ability to back it up and convey it to others.

My personal observation is that presentation is very important in forming opinions about someone. Whether we acknowledge it openly or not, our first impression of people we meet in real life comes from how they look, how they dress and how they compose themselves. Likewise, I think the way the style of the blog is designed will play a role in readership attraction. Organized, easy to navigate layouts with lots of amusing and fitting pictures to back up the text is likely to be pleasing to the eye and to the popularity of the blog.

While I was surfing the web trying to come up with more ideas on how to promote blogs, I found this list of 10 hilarious ways of getting your blog noticed. For example, number 4 reads: “Hijack a combine harvester and cut an outline of your URL address into a corn field so it shows up on Google Earth.” Evidently, a sense of humor is another factor in drawing attention to your blog. Even though these unique (and, according to the author himself, stupid) tips are far from practical, they were amusing to read and ponder about. Readers, such as myself, who happened to stumble upon this “tutorial” had a good laugh and would be likely to comment on the author’s creativity. This example shows that blogging can definitely be something fun and personal, and binds no one to specific rules or guidelines. Whatever is written out there is there for the taking, or in this case reading. It allows people to share ideas and invents a whole new way of communicating and entertainment.